Family Zone Highlights

At Kutubna Cultural Center, we prioritize the comfort and convenience of parents while they engage in our workshops and events. Our dedicated Kids Zone area caters to this need.

Within our Kids Zone, parents will find a well-equipped free playroom located on the upper level, featuring a range of toys suitable for children aged 1 to 6 years old. Additionally, our Kids Library boasts a vast collection of both English and Arabic children's books.

Recognizing the needs of new mothers, we've also established a comfortable Nursery Room, providing a private space for breastfeeding and diaper changing.

Furthermore, our coffee shop menu is designed with children in mind, offering a selection of healthy snacks including fruits, cheese plates, brownies, cookies, and hot milk.

At Kutubna Cultural Center, we believe in nurturing young minds. That's why we host various children's events, led by experienced professionals such as Thimar, aimed at teaching children essential skills like drawing, writing, and reading.

Here's our center picture for the kids offering: