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The Artist's Way Starter Kit

The Artist's Way Starter Kit

This starter kit includes Julia Cameron's two most important Artist's Way tools— The Artist's Way and The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal . This attractive package will inspire anyone contemplating beginning the Artist's Way program to plunge right into this life-changing twelve-week program!

The Artist’s Way is the seminal book on the subject of creativity. An international bestseller, millions of readers have found it to be an invaluable guide to living the artist’s life. Still as vital today — or perhaps even more so — than it was when it was first published, it is a powerfully provocative and inspiring work. In a new introduction to the book, Julia Cameron reflects upon the impact of The Artist’s Way and describes the work she has done during the last decade and the new insights into the creative process that she has gained. Updated and expanded, this anniversary edition reframes The Artist’s Way for a new century.

The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal  prioritize the day, providing clarity and comfort. Julia Cameron keeps row after row of journals on the wooden bookcase in her writing room, all containing Morning Pages from more than twelve years of her life. The journals, she says, listen to her. They have been company on travels, and she is indebted to them for consolation, advice, humor, sanity. Now, you can have the same companion. With an introduction and instructions on how to use this journal, readers will uncover the history of their spirits as they move their hands across the universe of their lives.
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