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Kutubna Cultural Center

Amah Faraway

Amah Faraway

70.75 AED

A delightful story of a child’s visit to a grandmother and home far away, and of how families connect and love across distance, language and cultures.

Kylie is nervous about visiting her grandmother―her Amah―who lives SO FAR AWAY. In Taipei, Kylie is shy with Amah. Even though they have spent time together in video chats, those aren’t the same as real life. And Kylie is at first uncomfortable with the less-familiar language, customs, culture and food. However, after she plays and splashes in the hot springs (which aren’t that different from pools at home), Kylie begins to see this place through her grandmother’s eyes and sees a new side of things that used to scare her. Soon, Kylie is leading her Amah back through all her favorite places and having SO MUCH FUN! And when it is time to go home, the video chats will be extra special until they can visit faraway again.

Backmatter includes author and illustrator notes and a guide to some of the places and foods explored in Taiwan.

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