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Kutubna Cultural Center

Sunday 29/10 - Workshop: Paper Quilling

Sunday 29/10 - Workshop: Paper Quilling

Date: Sunday, October 29, 2023

Time: 5 pm

Venue: Kutubna Cultural Center

Madina Avenues, Nadd Al Hamar, Dubai

Age Group: Adults and Kids

Registration Fee: 120 per kid/ 150 per adult

Embark on the creative journey into the world of paper quilling! In this immersive workshop, facilitator Syeda Maham Zehra will delve into the fundamentals of the intricate art form. Whether you're a complete beginner or have dabbled in quilling before, this event promises to deepen your understanding and ignite your passion for this timeless craft.

You will engage in:

Choosing colors that harmonize, contrast, and enhance your quilled creations, turning them into visual delights. In addition to combining various shapes and quilling techniques. Whether you’re looking to explore a new creative outlet or refine your existing quilling skills, this session promises a rewarding and enriching experience. 

 Syeda Maham is a fine artist with significant expertise in Arabic calligraphy. She graduated in Islamic A from the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Karachi in 2014. Shortly after her graduation, her work was exhibited at VM Art Gallery as part of a group show featuring emerging talent. Maham possesses a natural understanding of materials and their expressive potential. Her pyrography series strikes a delicate balance between chaos and calm. While her choice of materials has evolved over time, the intensity and meticulous transformation of both material and imagery remain constant and are refined with each subsequent body of work. 

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