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Kutubna Cultural Center

The Frustrated Woman Club

The Frustrated Woman Club

45 AED

Escaping meddling Punjabi family and first dates with both sets of parents present, Alia Arora is excited to reclaim her London-bred independence with a move to Dubai, the heart of the expat world. 

But Indian parents rarely back down, and Alia finds that the pursuit of the idealized version of herself – effortless career and a banging social life – isn’t quite as easy as she’d hoped. From unappealing arranged-marriage suitors to managing accusations of having become a ‘coconut’, Alia navigates it all with her trademark grace, irreverent wit and colorful language.

Narrated in a series of hilariously funny and searingly honest blog posts, The Frustrated Women’s Club is a love letter to the Indian Millennial.

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