Meet Budoor Alrahmah

Meet Budoor Alrahmah

Budoor Al Rahma is a Dubai-based 21-year-old Emirati studying Sociology and Public Policy at NYUAD. Budoor is one of our most active volunteers who's been with us from the start of our journey.

Oldest of five siblings, Budoor has a quiet, pleasant demeanor but don't let that fool you as she's a bossy oldest kid in her family who's not afraid to venture on her own - whether it is to relish some solitude in a café all by herself or yearn to meet people from all walks of life outside her usual social circle.

Commenting on Dubai's cosmopolitan nature, Budoor explains, "While Dubai is an interesting place with people from various cultural backgrounds, I always wondered, where do I meet them? Malls?!"

It is this hunger to learn something new that attracted Budoor to Kutubna.

"As much as I enjoy a growing multicultural environment, I feel our generation is slowly losing our cultural identity, something I believe Kutubna will address. We have plenty of art spaces but not as many cultural centers focusing on community engagement. I'm excited that Kutubna will bring people from all sorts of background as well as promote Khaleeji scholars and Arabic language," Budoor adds.

When she's not studying for her degree, Budoor indulges in baking, painting ceramics, trying her hand at Arabic calligraphy while squeezing in some time to read books.

Growing up, her favorite series was 'The Lunar Chronicles' while top of her reading list right now is 'Life in Administration', by Ghazi Abdulrahman.

True to most UAE families, Budoor's family crosses the border to Oman for frequent family visits.

She fondly reflects, "Omanis have such a pleasant, peaceful vibe. People literally invite you into their homes if they see you passing by their house. I find their hospitality quite charming. Also, every time we go to Oman, we have to pick up tons of halwa boxes from Aldiwaniya sweet shop as gifts for the whole world - it’s like a ritual really!"

Currently, Budoor manages Programming and Communications for Kutubna and dreams of a career in Education. We, at Kutubna, feel Budoor will be an excellent candidate for a Cultural Ambassador in the near future.

-- By Sanobar Sabah

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