Meet Sanobar Sabah

Meet Sanobar Sabah

Sanobar Sabah is a writer who grew up as a third culture kid in Abu Dhabi. After a long search for a place to call ‘home’, she has finally discovered that her home lies in the wits and charms of her two children, her squabbles with her husband, the company of her snobbish rescue cats and, most importantly – in her writings.

Reminding Sanobar of her childhood days, the Corniche Breakwater remains her favourite spot in the city. She nostalgically reflects, “We drove to the Corniche Breakwater every other weekend; the adults treated us to shawarma, Chips Oman, and Pepsi which cost less than half the price today!”

Professionally, Sanobar is a Communications and Marketing Specialist. Her passion lies in writing a children's book and a coffee table book for today's youth. Natasha Badhwar's debut memoir, My Daughters Mum, gave her the permission to be and express herself. After taking Badhwar’s memoir writing workshops, she pursued writing personal essays, introspecting on her identity, grief, and motherhood.

Sanobar’s interest in human connection and social media drew her to Kutubna. In her own words: "Three generations of my family have called UAE our home. I see Kutubna as a place that will act as a bridge between two communities - the expat community and the Arab, Khaleeji community. We're going through exciting times here in terms of growing cultural awareness and assimilation in the country and I just had to become a part of a promising, incredible community culture center like Kutubna!"

Currently, Sanobar’s crafting brilliant stories for our social media and can be found @sanobar.sabah.

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