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Kutubna Cultural Center

Saturday 9/9: Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

Saturday 9/9: Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

Saturday, September 9, 2023

11:00 am

Venue: Kutubna Cultural Center

Registration fee: 200.00 AED
Age group: 5 - 8 Years old

Workshop 1: "Stop-Motion Fun: Young Explorers' Introduction"

  • Description: Delve into the captivating world of stop-motion animation! This workshop is designed to introduce young children (5-8 year olds) to the magic of bringing inanimate objects to life on screen. Through playful and exploratory activities, participants will unleash their creativity and embark on thrilling animation journeys. With cameras, tablets, and smartphones as their tools, these young explorers will create imaginative animated tales, fostering teamwork and communication along the way.
  • Target Audience: 5-8 year olds
  • Learning Outcomes:
  1. Explore the exciting art of stop-motion animation through playful and interactive activities.
  2. Nurture teamwork and communication as they collaborate with fellow young animators.
  3. Cultivate a sense of joy and accomplishment as they watch their creations come to life.

    Mona is a visual designer and university lecturer with more than ten years of experience in design and animation. She holds an MSc in Multimedia Design from Brunel University, London. For the past two years, Mona has been teaching subjects such as Animation, Design, History of Animation, and Stop Motion Animation, also known as Still Frame. In addition, Mona is particularly interested in integrating visual design with media and education, and seeks to explore the intersections between these three areas

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